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They may still be present in generated object files, for use by tools like debuggers and relocating linkers, but the direct connection is lost and re-establishing that connection requires more than a mere disassembler. Its pluggable design supports decompilation of a variety of executable formats and processor architectures 8- and bit architectures as of In practice a combination of interactive and automatic analysis and perseverance can handle all but programs specifically designed to thwart reverse engineering, like using encryption and decrypting code just prior to use, and moving code around in memory.

Scripting your own "crawler" in this way is more efficient; for large programs interactive disassembling may be impractical to the point of being unfeasible.

Disassemblers often will provide the instruction AND the corresponding hex data on the same line, shifting the burden for decisions about the nature of the code to the user. An optimizer that reverses that process is comparable to an artificial intelligence program that recreates a poem in a different language.

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When you combine this problem with the possibility that the code you are trying to read may, in reality, be data as outlined abovethen it can be even harder to determine what is going on.

Frequently, this high level language is C, because C is simple and primitive enough to facilitate the decompilation process. Another challenge is posed by modern optimising compilers; they inline small subroutines, then combine instructions over call and return boundaries.

The two most important difficulties are the division between code and data, and the loss of text information. Lost Information[ edit ] User defined textual identifiers, such as variable names, label names, and macros are removed by the assembly process.

Decompilation does have its drawbacks, because lots of data and readability constructs are lost during the original compilation process, and they cannot be reproduced.

Many interactive disassemblers will give the user the option to render segments of code as either code or data, but non-interactive disassemblers will make the separation automatically.

A technique that is often used is to identify the entry point of an executable, and find all code reachable from there, recursively. Disassembler Issues[ edit ] As we have alluded to before, there are a number of issues and difficulties associated with the disassembly process.

Data may be inserted directly into the code section e. Decompilers[ edit ] Akin to Disassembly, Decompilers take the process a step further and actually try to reproduce the code in a high level language. The general problem of separating code from data in arbitrary executable programs is equivalent to the halting problem.

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