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In Junea man named Jack Froese died unexpectedly of a heart arrhythmia. Then he posted the video on his blog and put a link to it on a subreddit.

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Aside from the messages themselves, we have literally no other clues. Many believe that it is some sort of rapture website because the Mayan calendar predicted that October 28,would be Armageddon. With the collapse of several Bitcoin exchanges and the gradual loss in value of the currency, Satoshi Nakamoto may have more reasons than ever to hide out.

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The site contains many basic pictures that link to log-in pages. The site itself remained active.

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Ten, fifty, one hundred… thousands of pages soon flick by, each of which goes on seemingly forever. Prior to October 28, the website contained a countdown with bizarre puzzles and messages that no one could figure out.

Each had the same title—those three words—but the content was different each time, an avalanche of impenetrable word salad.

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Who was behind the original site, or what those horrible phone messages were, no-one can say. Anonymity enables people to do all kinds of weird things online.

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The Mexican cartels are dangerous beasts. Although the clock unnerved many people, no one really knew why it was counting down.

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