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Acordar es intransitivo pronominal: At the sight of the park, something came back to Slake. Dado su ya casi tradicional asentamiento en la lengua oral, no se considera fuera de norma. Comparing Spanish grammatical patterns to English is illogical although sometimes they are similar.

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A general session featured Isaac Asimov who reminisced about libraries in his youth and predicted the continuing need for libraries. First cast your mind back to our examination of the Colon Classification.

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A summary at the end of a document is intended to complete the orientation of the reader, and to identify the significant ideas for the reader to remember. The verb "acordarse de" functions the same way in French. The same error occurs.

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The insert mode indicator the arrow pointing upwards appears on the screen to remind you that the keyboard is in insert mode. There was a heavy and prolonged silence as Datto scrambled through his mind, trying to recollect the details of the event that had apparently trigerred this violent reaction.

This is a common error in colloquial speech.

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It provides a tip about Spanish be it grammar, vocabulary, incorrect usage of a word, word borrowing etc. The term 'first cold press' hearkens back to the traditional method, where the best oil came from the first pressing; subsequent pressings release more oil, but of inferior quality.

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