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You came back with a very unique cybernetic device. This led to a three way world title match at the Verano de Escandalo show. After the match, Parka's stablemates attacked him, which led to Los Bizarros returning to the ring and chasing them away, saving Parka.

Later in the event, the rivalry took a surprise twist, when Parka turned rudo and joined La Sociedad. A friend of Paul's, a cybernetic sculptor.


After the match it was revealed that Taboo was in fact Parka's brother. If you've got the cash, he's your go-to guy for cyber terror.

After wrestling for a few months he decided to dedicate himself to developing his physique and receive further training in the UWA wrestling school. I mean, Nathan Bacevich is a hero in the cyber world.

Kind of like a cybernetic stomach. The storyline led to the creation of two separate Vipers factions. With the tension building between the two they asked Charly Manson to pick a side, but instead of breaking his friendship with either wrestler he walked away, ending Los Hell Brothers.

Suggest an example Results: The transnational cyber domain poses new questions about the meaning of national security. He was originally slated to be Charly Manson's "surprise partner" at the Rey de Reyes show, but a deal could not be reached between the two parties. Jana's cell phone is being directed through our cyber team in DC.

As a result of their loss Espiritu had his hair shaved off.