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Availability depends on season. As summer approaches many will curl their leaves in and go into a form of dormancy, though in cultivation, given some shade and water, most will continue to grow actively, though perhaps less vigorously.

Online Purchase Images Kindly consider support this website by giving a small donation. Some flowers are spectacular terminal events while other species have relatively insignificant flowers. I have invariably lost every plant I have obtained either due to cold damage, heat damage the most common causeand over and underwatering.

It forms a low shrub on skinny branching stems with peeling bark Photo of Aeonium spathulatum by Happenstance thanks! It is these rare individuals that collectors find and mass produce so that by the time we collectors acquire these species most we find in cultivation are the suckering forms so much easier and more profitable to cultivategiving us the impression this is how these plants behave in the wild.

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It is a striking and excellent garden or potted plant. Aeonium undulatums in botanical gardens first two photos and my own hybrid of one in last photo My hybrid up close, and early flowers Aeonium urbicum is another giant species that never offsets or branches and is similarly tall however with slightly smaller rosettes.

Some plants are single stemmed and quite large, while others have numerous branches with much smaller rosettes. Middle photo is of some plants starting to form crests two photos of rosettes that have nearly no green left in them.

It is an amazing and highly ornamental plant, but should be confined to a pot in cultivation. I have not seen this for sale anywhere, though Aeonium sedifolium is unlike any other Aeonium having very small rosettes of 1" or less, densely packed on short, branched shrubs only about 6" or more high.

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