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All shook up character list descriptions of affect, mutual synonyms

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Sinking A ship that is reduced to 0 or fewer hit points gains the sinking condition. Lost points return at a rate of 1 per day unless noted otherwise by the condition dealing the damage. Multiple applications of the drowsy condition stack to create a more severe level of drowsiness: Select physical details carefully, choosing only those that create the strongest, most revealing impression.

All Shook Up

A dead body decays normally unless magically preserved, but magic that restores a dead character to life also restores the body either to full health or to its condition at the time of death depending on the spell or device.

Old hats fell down over her eyes. Rogues can sneak attack helpless targets. A moderately drowsy character must attempt this check once every 30 minutes, while a severely drowsy character must attempt this check once per minute.

Even a simple adjective can strengthen a detail.

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Let's make another example: Earl speaks for the first time and professes his love for Matilda. In the season three premiere, Tinka surprises Rocky and CeCe by suddenly acting nice to them.

Either way, resurrected characters need not worry about rigor mortis, decomposition, and other conditions that affect dead bodies. As a full-round actionan enemy can use a melee weapon to deliver a coup de grace to a helpless foe. After 1 hour of complete rest, an exhausted character becomes fatigued.

Act Two In the midst of the abandoned fairgrounds, the citizens of the town are restless and randy "All Shook Up". Fascinated A fascinated creature is entranced by a supernatural or spell effect.