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I also wanted to begin speaking, but before doing that I wanted to make sure I was prepared to express myself correctly.

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Instructions for prospective PhD students: In the chapters that follow there is a strong focus on grammar; personally I enjoyed being able to study grammar in such an in depth manner, but for those who are looking to develop their communication skills this may not be a very attractive feature.

The speakers also seem to talk in a natural pace and not in a slow and perfectly enunciated manner. There is also a DVD that accompanies the book with clips of native speakers talking about a wide variety of topics.

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Be aware though that there are some parts of the online material which are not free. You are supposed to be very intelligent if you are embarking on a PhD.

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The vocabulary in each chapter is also relevant to the topics being covered. Overall if you are a teacher or student who wants to establish a good foundation in the language and use it in a real life context, this book will be of great use to you.

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Remember, he may be a king of the stupid detail, and that is why he got the budget; Do not choose the theme because the advisor is a boss of the community in that theme.

In the future, I would like to advise PhD thesis on the set of disparate topics in which I worked.

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Unfortunately, the principle of Peter is very present in the academy: Initially, the amount of information in the book seemed very intimidating since it comes with pages and 15 lessons, but when I began analyzing the content I immediately got hooked.

Suggest another Portuguese coursebook When I began studying Portuguese three years ago I wanted to find a book that would clearly explain the grammar basics, give thorough explanations of verb tenses since this was my main weaknessand most importantly show me the difference between the dialects spoken in Brazil and Portugal.

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This is because you should have a scholarship, and scholarships are assigned to the brightest ones based on academic score; Do not choose an advisor based on his statute in the academy.

One of the strengths this book does have is that every chapter focuses on listening comprehension and then it ties those listening exercises with the grammar activities.

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