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Anselms ontological argument yahoo dating. Anselm’s ontological argument free short - essays & assignments

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There are many kinds of parodies on Ontological Arguments. A being that exists as an idea in the mind and in reality is, other things being equal, greater than a being that exists only as an idea in the mind.

See how many "mistakes" you can find.

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There are an infinite number of great and then greater things yet God is incomparably greater. As before, the argument includes a premise asserting that God is a being than which a greater cannot be conceived.

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Upper Saddle River, NJ: LeftowMatthewsLoweOppyand Maydole Open Court Publishing Co. Often, these operators have two readings, one of which can cancel ontological commitment, and the other of which cannot.

Setting aside the possibility that one might challenge this widely accepted modal principle, it seems that opponents of the argument are bound to challenge the acceptability of the premise. In this argument, a thing is demonstrated through itself, and a path is identical with the goal.

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Some commentators claim that the main proof is in Proslogion II, and that the rest of the work draws out corollaries of that proof see, e.

Broad countered that if two characteristics necessary for God's perfection are incompatible with a third, the notion of a supremely perfect being becomes incoherent.

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Yet how can this objection be phrased without the notion of "the thought or idea" of existence… If Anselm is wrong here, it would seem to follow that deductive arguments i. Nevertheless, the authors write that "the logic of the ontological argument itself doesn't include inferences based on this modality.

From g and h it follows that I God can be conceived to be greater than it actually is.

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