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Aom sushar and mike pirat dating after divorce. Mike angelo and aom sushar - bing images

On the other hand, Aom cried in interview like "Mike is a good guy. Mike said in interview like "Fans like us together so when I have to shoot with other actresses, the fans comment like why are you cheating on Aom.

Mike pirath and aom sushar

How do you feel about working with Aom Sushar and Mike Pirat? She was awarded as the second honour of the batch and she graduated with a degree in Applied Arts.

Since I was in Academy Fantasia. The crew was nice. Many haters appeared and call him bad father but most of the fans forgive him.

Both King and I are macho.

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Few weeks ago, Mike came back and holds a fan meeting with their fans at the beach with Aom and played games. However, fans have always paired her up with her fellow on-screen partners in film and television.

Inshe received her first main role in the lesbian film Yes Or No, together with actress Tina Jittaleela. Boyfriend Sushar has not revealed anything about her dating history since her debut in the entertainment industry.

Angelo, but it was all cleared up when Mike D. She has featured in the film once again and it received a lot of attention just like the first film did. InYes Or No 2 was released. The situation was so great until Mike admitted to the media that his ex girlfriend is having his baby.

They sang two ost together in both dramas. I enjoyed working with everybody on the set.