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Logan reluctantly agrees to go on a date with Stacey if Zoey gets his class ring back from Dustin which he lost in a bet.

A blatant one in season 2, when discussing horoscopes doubles as Hilarious In Hindsight: One of the nurses in the episode "Girls Will be Boys" is very good looking.

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She knocked on it twice and waited for it to open and for her past to come back and knock her down to the ground in tears against her will. His last appearance is in "Chasing Zoey," when he and his friends think the world is ending and run into the woods for safety, returning when they hear that Zoey is not going to the dance.

First, mean girl Jasmine Ashton was murdered in the Library of Antiquities.

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In the fourth season, the girls all forget what they wanted to ask after they are introduced to James. After three seasons of shipteasing they finally confess their love to each other, only to not be able to do anything about since they're now miles apart.

So why do they have it in for me? Quinn goes through a makeover after Mark dumps her for Brooke, trying to win him back.

Meet the Real Life Tattooed Joker and Harley Quinn

Not stated in the final season, but you can tell Zoey is in middle of one with James, the hot guy rooming with Michael and Logan, and Chase, the first guy she met on her first day on campus. Chase and Michael both tie for possibly the biggest one in the series and in season four both the reformed Jerk Jock Vince Blake and Romantic False Lead James fall into this.

Quinn participating in pageants when she was a little girl; Zoey being the model for baby suntan lotion, with her naked butt on the bottle; Chase being cast as the female lead in a play of an all-male school