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In the ensuing chase, Speedy managed to board her car. When I saw who it was at the window, all I wanted to do was dig a hole and die and never come back again to life.

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She lured The Arrow by leaving trails and predicted his actions to get him exactly where she wanted him. Working for Task Force X she kept using archery instead of firearms. Oliver tried to reason with her but she prepared for them to die together as a train drove towards them.

Possibly due to her SWAT training Carrie is highly skilled with explosives, using a bomb vest and a wired detonator to use a mob boss as a hostage.

Carrie simultaneously fought Diggle and Speedy and quickly subdued them. With that, his smirk grew wider and said, "Why, hello! She also sent a picture of a mob boss she had captured earlier and suggested they should punish him together.

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Every year an estimated 20 million people join an online dating site hoping to find their ideal partner As she tried to free herself, Oliver used Diggle's gun to shoot her with a dart that stunned her.

Carrie used a grappling hook arrow to scale a wall. But after a one year he mailed me again and my sister was using my account and replied. Carrie is shown to excel in close combat. Carrie cut herself loose and escaped by scaling the wall with a grappling hook arrow.

I came out and went to my iPod and played my all time favourite one direction song 'kiss you' and started dancing around while cleaning my room.