Juegos de Atari . Atari XL ROMS y ATR. Juegos de Atari . Atari XL ROMS y ATR.

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I was ready to go!

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Player 1 joypad on left, Player 2 on right but the triggers are swapped. The spring actually pushes against the screen itself why not?

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An error message list from my old Tandy Pocket Computer. Page 6 The music from Ballblazer …and the list goes on and on.

This is a grid I cut and laid packing tape on the back of. I dunno — I had a and an and they both had problems of some sort and eventually died.

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InAtari released the XL computer. There it is — with the upper right hand chunk missing. The natural idea was to make a laptop version but this idea had some major hurdles, much more than say a portable.

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It has two cups on top to cradle the telephone handset, and it requires both the Atari Interface Module seen above and the TeleLink I ROM cartridge left to operate. So I had to test out the screen before I opened it to make sure artifacting would work.

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The thing to think about is the laptop case is going to be the size of the motherboard at least… so you need the biggest screen possible.

You can now clearly see the space intended for the battery pack. Oh and my hand.

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This is much slower but gives them a good physically look and feel.