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Representative of other national atlases published during the last thirty years is The National Atlas of Japan Tokyo,which was issued simultaneously in Japanese and English.

Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States

With the fall of the Chinese monarchy and the establishment of the Republic in toWen-chiang Ting's Chung-hua min kuo hsin ti t'u [New Atlas of the Republic of China] Shanghai, documented many geographical changes that were not previously known outside that country.

The Geography and Map Division has copies of both the original publication and the facsimile. GeographyIQ is an online world atlas packed with geographic, economic, political, historical and cultural information.

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Prepared for tax assessment and sales purposes, these atlases depict the size, shape, and construction material of individual buildings; lot boundaries and identification; and sometimes property ownership.

Cram, and Rand McNally and Company. Ting Atlas of China Edition of Gannett from the census. Although the Dutch dominated the market for charts and sea atlases throughout the seventeenth century, French hydrographers were the first to place hydrographic surveying on a scientific basis.

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You have the option of looking at a map of the country or the region around the country you're interested in viewing. For example, you can look at the map with capital cities, lakes, landforms or topography, a simple outline and major rivers.

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Clickable Maps Dozens of the maps like those illustrating presidential votingpopulation demographicsand crop production are clickable to access the underlying data in greater detail.

You'll find tons of useful information including: Some maps are interactive, meaning you can click on icons on the map and learn about history or tourist attractions located at that icon.

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By the turn of the nineteenth century most charts were produced as separates, but the collection includes one American sea atlas by Edmund March Blunt, the leading American chart maker.