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This seems to have convinced Thuc of the authenticity of the apparitions and confirmed his decision to ordain and consecrate in El Palmar de Troya in Joseph to be dogmas of the Catholic faith.

They believe that the see of Peter is once again vacant. During the vision Clemente proceeded to take the child Jesus, who had apparently appeared in the vision and placed the Child Jesus in the Archbishop's arms.

For these reasons and their strict rules allowing no communication with people outside of the faith, other Catholics consider the Palmarian Church to be heretical and cult followers. There was no Palmarian conclave for this election. Odermatt adopted the papal name Peter III.

Roman Catholic teaching also holds that personal revelations are not binding on the Church as a whole.

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The Archidonian Palmarian group ArchidonaMalaga, Spain formed in was due to the expulsion of 16 cardinals and five nuns. He resigned the papacy on April 22, It claimed that Paul VI was detained in the Vatican by evil conspiring cardinals.

Thuc acted without obtaining the mandatory authorisation from the Holy Seeand he and the five men he consecrated as bishops were subsequently excommunicated by Paul VI.