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It is also common on modern cars for the locks to activate automatically when the car is put into gear or reaches a certain speed. However with improvement in technology, today you have many cars which can unlock such things as the luggage compartment or fuel filler cap door.

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Power door locks also come with the option of remote keyless system which can be operated with a remote control. You can also easily switch between these two variants. Later in the s the Subaru Legacy had a feature where the door could be opened by pulling the drivers external door handle a specific number of times to enter a pass code number that would unlock the driver's door only.

However today it is a different story with almost every car having this feature or at least as optional equipment. This next gen system was in fact available from the French made Renault Fuego in Invariably kids are restless and it is only natural on their part to be curious about their surroundings and they will try to get their hands on any object their eyes catch.

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In the early days car central locking systems just locked and unlocked only the car doors. As they may be unaware of dangerous substances or situations, the results can be fatal.

This means there was no need of the key to unlock the car. These special-purpose locks keep your cabinets, drawers, bottles, etc from kids who are always on the lookout for trouble.

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Numerous cases of poisoning have resulted from toddlers eating brightly- colored pills or spilling cleaning solvents. This was numeric key pad which had a pre-programmed key code from the factory or the owner could also define a password.

Now that your car is safe from external predators you must not forget about the child safety lock. Today even luxury cars make sure they have this feature where the windows can be opened or closed by pressing and holding a button on the remote control key.

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While the light signals are more discreet the horn signals does not require you to have an eye on the car while it is being locked. If you feel the noise can be a bit of concern then some manufacturers offer the ability to adjust the horn signal volume.

In the remote locking system you will get a successful locking and unlocking confirmation with either a light signal or a horn sound signal.

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