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Another important theme is the religious life and the joys of everyday life typical for the Biedermeier period. Now, for the first time ever, an adaptation of Babicka has reached the stage of the Czech National Theatre. Everyone in the neighborhood loves her, of course -- even the noblewoman, who comes to believe that Grandmother is not only the epitome of Czech peasantry, but full of good ideas, to boot.

Lenka Kolihova-Havlikova, who adapted the text for theatre, says there are many relevant themes, if only we care to look for them: There is an Arabic proverb saying that eyes that have cried a lot see a lot.

Bozena Nemcova’s Babicka at National Theatre for the first time

Victorka's story is told with typical Czech practicality, and none of the melodrama that someone like Dickens would likely have employed. I want to remove some of the pathos because the grandmother was essentially a working woman, very strong and full of wisdom.

Given that it was published more than years ago, what can the book bring to modern-day readers? I think that applies to the grandmother and to Bozena Nemcova as well.

Babicka supported Halas during the war, she supported me during the period of normalisation and perhaps today, Bozena Nemcova will help us again. The rest of you should probably give it a pass. She went mad after conceiving a child out of wedlock, and the most interesting thing about it is how no one in the village condemns her -- either for becoming pregnant rather than scolding the girl for her loose morals, the villagers consider the father a demon!

MP3 In her most famous book, Bozena Nemcova gives an idealized account of her childhood, spent in a rural community at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This is a key to understanding her. The biggest revelation is perhaps the story of Victorka, a madwoman who lives in a cave near the family's home.

Alcott's tale about Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy went a long way toward forming my ideas about fairness, kindness, and how to get along in life. Subscribe to RSS Babicka or The Grandmother by Bozena Nemcova is unquestionably one of the icons of Czech literature and, as a regular item on school reading lists, it is known to literally every Czech child.

How the world of women is confronted with the male world and the world of politics. This theme is often hidden behind the idyllic interpretation of the grandmother. But there's very little action, and only a little conflict among the characters.