TIG Welding Sheetmetal Patch Panel for Backdate Fender (Porsche ) TIG Welding Sheetmetal Patch Panel for Backdate Fender (Porsche )

Backdating 911 fenders, photo gallery

These cars were lighter than the later cars. The RSR was intended strictly for motorsports duty and used by factory supported teams and sold to qualified customers.

1983 Porsche 911 RSR Tribute backdate

The car was corner balanced by Rothsport and handles very well. New in the last 5, miles: Turn signal extensions welded in, and high quality panels fitted that properly backdate the car to long hood spec.

There will be some rust repair in the front trunk area including the infamous suspension pan The car sounds amazing and is not too loud. There is always RS Clones around, go for something that is different. Based on the Carrera RS 2. Its current transformation started with a full media blasting and then adding butt-welded factory steel panels, and has also been upgraded with Carrera 3.

Exquisite vintage-style seats were built to order and upholstered with black vinyl bolsters and custom Tartan cloth inserts.

Proper bright work and venting rear windows also topped the list.

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I plan to update weekly videos detailing the customization of my classic sports car. I hope you enjoy my car vlog that will hopefully become an autocross racer or track car someday.

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