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Alloywho is a robot boy originally created by MindChamber. The ending text will change to the word "Whoops," and the letters "LOL" will appear on the spaceship. The Level 57 icon gives the collector temporary invincibility.

Newgrounds Rumble

A dark day for Newgrounds, Piconjo has finally achieved his goal to slay all protectors of Newgrounds. There is a teleporter in the pagoda which leads up to the tree. Newgrounds would be modeled in his image.

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She claims to have entered because she no longer wants to be regarded as Pico's shadow. However, the animation still shows strong influences from the Pico series, which MindChanmber had worked on prior to the game's creation.

It must also be unlocked with 1, grounds gold. He also has a good balance of traits. However, some attacks are weak and slow and has slightly low health.

He has the longest reach of any character in the game, and deals large damage, but is incredibly slow and has poor health. Henchman is a secret character that can be played by clicking on Hank's glasses before starting versus mode. He has strong attacks overall and has a nice balance of traits, but is slow and has a weak projectile.

His attacks are strong and he has good reach, but his attacks are slow and he has a weak projectile. The Heavyweight pickup gives the collector growth to a large size which gives them better range and the ability to pound opponents into the air to string air combos.

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In each Survival Mode Round, the Henchman was also the last enemy to defeat. As inconspicuously as possible, P-Bot returned to his quiet vigil, assuring the safety of Newgrounds from behind the scenes. Finally thrust into the public eye, P-Bot quickly realized how empty and unfulfilling fame really is.