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Poison Ivy was use to using her beauty to seduce her way into getting what she wanted. Ivy proposes a pairing between them, offering to set him free as an incentive. Later, after discovering that Robin had tricked her into revealing her plan after their kiss, after she believed that he was completely in love with her, she angrily shoved him from the throne they were sharing and into the pond to drown him instead of trying to force a second kiss on him, then tauntingly told him bye as if to break up with him.

She has no qualms when it comes to murder either, even displaying some personal enjoyment from it.

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She frequently uses her irresistible looks and seduction to get what she wants, becoming the epitome of a vamp. Knowing that Batman was onto her Ivy made moves to escape as Batman tried to explain why she was so dangerous but thanks to her charms the spell on Robin was indefinite and he fought Batman over her "honour" to Ivy's amusement—not believing his claims of her "poison kiss".

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Laying down beside her Ivy began to seduce the sidekick once more. Ivy was left in this condition thereafter for the police until her eventual incarceration.

Batman also remarks to Ivy after his experience with Catwoman and now seeing Ivy as just as insane; "Why are all the gorgeous ones homicidal maniacs?

Poison Ivy (Batman & Robin)

Because of this, Ivy and Bane escaped unchallenged with the distracted crime-fighters too busy with one another to pursue them. In the end, everything Ivy does is to further her own ends even going as far as to attempt to murder her partner-in-crime, Mr.

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Unfortunately for her Batman stopped them, moments before their lips could meet. Redecorating the place, Ivy plants seeds then plants started to instantly grow. She seduced them both in turn with her love-dust and her seductively poisonous charms, offering them sexual pleasures.

If naked, men would be completely under her spell.

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Thus making her kiss her weapon of choice. For Gotham City Sirens set in the D.

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A far cry from her previous appearance Isley now bloomed with irresistible beauty and beguiling charm. Gaining her entry into Freeze's cell under the pretense of visit Ivy went to work. Freeze Repulsed by him Poison Ivy responded with a dose of her love-dust further enamoring him.