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They are arranged here in chronological order.

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Alex takes a shower, then uses a home pregnancy test that confirms she is pregnant. Like its predecessor, which was a remake of the heist film Ocean's 11, the film was Alex lies in bed with Marcus Vincent Cassel after having sex.

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Le Tenia pins Alex to the ground and anally rapes her for several minutes of screentime, after which he brutally beats her into unconsciousness. Outside, Mourad and Layde shout homophobic insults at Pierre and Marcus. Rather, the man standing next to him in the club was the real Le Tenia.

Marcus and Pierre leave the party and encounter commotion on the street. After Marcus threatens to slash her with a piece of broken glass, she identifies Le Tenia as the rapist and says he can be found at a gay BDSM nightclub called The Rectum.

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Marcus and Pierre hail a taxi. It stars and was co-produced by Vincent The men track down Concha, Le Tenia's last victim. The subject of their discussion shifts to the commotion in the streets outside.

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List ranges from Shrek to Sheitan and more. Alex reveals she might be pregnant, and Marcus is pleased with the possibility.

Irreversible (2003)

A poster for Stanley Kubrick 's film Pierre defends Marcus by using a fire extinguisher to crush the man's skull, thus killing him. Marcus finds Le Tenia standing with another man. An ambulance arrives, and Marcus is put on a stretcher and taken from the club.

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The film, which was directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, is based on the best-selling novel Les