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This album was very controversial different from other artists' albums such as Lucero.

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Just after being released, she was determined to bring her old self back. The next year, Trevi released her second album Tu Angel de la Guarda which managed to beat the fame of the first one.

On her first debut in the 90s, Trevi managed to earn herself fame in the music industry.

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But the man who helps her rise to the top of the charts will also become her downfall, Sergio Andrade is fond of sleeping with underage girls and he is physically abusive towards them.

Then, in March ofthe parents of a missing young girl named Karina Alejandra Yapor Gomez, who was supposed to be studying music with Andrade in Spain, received a call from Spanish authorities telling them that the teen had given birth to an abandoned son.

InHernandez fled from Andrade claiming that he was a monster that turned young girls into disaster. Therefore, Trevi is unwilling to compromise herself for the Royal Family. After serving time in prison, Trevi was released and she tried her best to rekindle her music career. This occurred after Trevi and her manager, Sergio Andrade were accused of sexually abusing and corrupting minors.

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In spite of the vulgar language Gloria Trevia was using in her music, she had become a household name. It was common for young girls and teenage females to imitate Gloria's concert attire.

She was released from jail in and returned to Mexico where charges of child abuse and endangerment were later dropped.

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First, he changed her name from Trevio to the catchier Trevi, then produced her debut album, Que Hago Aqui? Psiquiatra" she starts the song with bottles of glass breaking.

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An internationally covered scandal broke out when Andrade's ex-wife, pop singer Aline Hernandez, who he married when she was just 15, published a tell-all book entitled La Gloria por el Infierno "To Heaven Through Hell" that accused the producer, with Trevi's help, of luring underage girls into virtual sexual slavery with promises of building them into stars.

And after a attempt to host her own variety show failed, the singer's demand for appearances on television talk and panel shows was almost nonexistent.

InTrevi became a member of a young band called Boquitas Pintadas.