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The story gets interesting when Ichigo is fighting the evil spirits while the various captains of society are struggling to bring them back. He looks worn out, as if he came from a battle before arriving in Soul Society. However, when you acquires these incredible powers - he also inherits a great deal of responsibility to go along with them.

Could it be Ishida then? Most probably another flash back will happen in the next chapter before the final battle of Ichigo vs Juha.

Ichigo has Shinigami powers, then he discovers his Hollow powers, that make him a Vizard. First Ichigo got his shinigami powers back without any efforts. A valid email is required, please fill out this field.

Before I proceed let me just want to say that I enjoy Bleach manga, including the anime series. Bleach Manga has been a continuous series on the ShMnen Jump since and sold over fifty million copies in Japan and was recorded as the highest Manga seller in the United States.

Bleach 513 Ichigo vs Yhwach [ CHAPTER 513 ANIMATION ]

Each cast has a special weapon that identifies him or her in the realm of the series. With numerous untamed action and activity bleach Manga has gained popularity across the globe.

Password Confirmation The passwords you entered don't match. They tend to be up to date most of the time, although occasionally there can be some downtime when it comes to releasing the latest translated versions. This chapter is entitled The Dark Moon Stroke.