Commercial Robbery Prevention — Commercial Robbery Prevention —

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Trauma of a robbery It is important to recognise that the effects of a robbery can vary greatly between victims.

Have an up-to-date list of emergency contacts near the telephone.

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Providing immediate and on-going support, including supplying the victim with information and access to specialist services counselling services and the like. The alarm should be tested periodically and serviced to correct any malfunction.

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Write down a description of the robber including sex, race, height, weight, build, eye and hair color, scars or tattoos, jewelry, approximate age, and clothing. Exercise plenty of caution when making bank deposits.

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If you must carry one, carry the smallest one you have, hold it firmly, close to your body. Have someone with you and keep cash concealed inconspicuously in your clothes. When going to the bank, go in the daytime and definitely don't go alone.

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As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Joe has the knowledge and expertise you need to defend yourself against criminal charges. Is your counter or work area high enough to protect your employees?

Description of any written note they present, type and description of weapon used, method of escape, vehicles used for escape, direction of travel when escaping.

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Make sure employees do not display, count or balance large amounts of money in areas that are visible either to the public or to other employees.

There is no better way to help prevent a robbery than by keeping the smallest amount of cash on the premises. Another deterrent to try is placing your cash register in a spot where it's easily seen from outside near a windowsince passersby from the outside will be able see what's going on.

Responding police might even shoot at you, mistaking you for an escaping robber.

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