Breaking Amish Recap 10/2/ Season 3 Episode 3 Breaking Amish Recap 10/2/ Season 3 Episode 3 "Bright Lights, Big Sinners" | Celeb Dirty Laundry

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Vonda finally begins to get past the memory of her late boyfriend while Bates deals with news that could change his life. They face their families and friends and the possibility of being shunned. Carmela packs up her kids and drives to Washington.

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Might I add that this is how I would want to be treated with my shows, therefore, it is not hard to set an example. Anyways they kept drinking and the group left the bar pretty much using each other as crutches.

Plus, sparks fly when the cast is come face to face with two mystery guests. It featured me and 4 other new, Amish kids who had just left, living in a huge house in the middle of LA.

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At last, I was once, 8 years ago, that exact kid who chose to go to a big city, have my life followed with cameras as I explored the wonders of the world. The chances of one from the mid western states leaving and preferring to move in with someone who has no Amish ties, VS someone who is probably their cousin or someone that they grew up with, is less then slim to none.

Sabrina tries to find her long lost family, and herself, in Puerto Rico with Jeremiah along for the ride.

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And for those of you who missed episodes, and assume the show is running somewhere on a mystery channel that everyone has access to except you, the show ran for all 10 weeks.

He told all of them he was single.

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When a new kid leaves, he will continue to move in with an already established ex Amish. I am not in a position to Judge it one way or another.

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