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He also reproached for electoral fraud the election ofof which he was an independent candidate, which led to the presidency of Pascual Kik dating sight online Rubioof the PNR party.

One of the other objectives that they had, he says, was the application of the agrarian reformwhich considerably affected the Mexican countryside, making the country even more dependent on the United States. On the Spanish-American alliance, Vasconcelos mentions that it would have been possible to counter any political interference by the United States and England in the continent.

Acting through agents throughout all Spanish America is how they succeeded in sowing discord and creating divisions. He traces its roots from the sixteenth century Europe at least, and would be later extended to the New Worldwhere the enmity is prolonged to the present time, being originated in Great Britain as part of the English and Irish Reformations under King Henry VIII and the Scottish Reformation led by John Knox, such British anti-Catholicism would be then expanded into anti-Spanish feeling, to be subsequently exported to the United States.

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He would continue stating that the United States will continue to act through special agents and ambassadors throughout the 20th century, whom he calls "Poinsettists," such as Henry Lane Wilson accused of planning the assassination plot of Francisco I.

Vasconcelos affirmed that the history of Mexico had been manipulated by "strange hands," particularly in favor of the interests of the United States and England and to the detriment of Mexicans, Latin Americans and Spaniards, stating that most of the republican rulers in Mexico had been directly by and with the approval of Washington.

He stated that post-revolutionary indigenism and anti-Spanish propaganda was a myth invented propagated by " Prescott and American historians", which unravelled that indirect agents of Protestantism whose objective was to erase all the trace of everything Spanish in the Americas.

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He accused 19th-century Mexican liberals of sowing the seeds of the hispanophobe by the influence of the United States. Vasconcelos accused Poinsettism of treason to the country in favor of the interests of the United States, the Poinsett Plan, which had several objectives, among them weakening the Mexican economy and institutions to create national divisions and civil wars, which would led the annexation by the United States of the territories of TexasCalifornia and New Mexico.

Breve historia de la Real Academia de Lengua Española

He also accuses Poinsettist agents of creating theIndigenist Myth, which was a disguise of the Anglo-Saxons, whose anti-Spanish and anti-Catholic discursives were intended to weaken the Mexican national identity, cause divisions among the Indigenous peoples, MestizosCriollos and Spaniardswhich also intended to attack ecclesiastical Catholic institutions in favor of Protestantism.

In the Americas continent, including Mexico's war of with the United States and the loss of the territories of Mexico or the defeat of Spain in in the Spanish—American War which resulted in the Spanish loss of CubaPuerto Rico and Philippines.

The law postulated the absurd principle, never put into practice in any civilized people, that private corporations could not own real estate.

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The long-standing hispanophobe Anglo-Saxon conflict origins predominates according to Vasconcelos as an axis in history with subsequent events and goes through the independence. An old lackey of Santa AnnaMiguel Lerdo de Tejadaformulated a disentailment's law of corporate assets.

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Vasconcelos stated that they created a Mexican version of the Black Legend to blame the Spaniards for all the problems of Mexico, while the United States governments in collaboration with the British represented the real threat to Mexico and Spain and had a major influence in Mexican liberal governments.

With this they were destroying private foundations, schools, universities, hospitals. Madero and Dwight Morrow active in the Cristero rebellion and oil negotiation, whom Vasconcelos calls "the most effective Poinsett of the twentieth century "to achieve his plans of creating divisions in the country, civil wars and the application of neoliberal reforms that would be responsible for bringing ruin to the economy of Mexico, moving away from the objectives of the Mexican Revolution of Vasconcelos states that these American and English agents will act in the same way throughout Latin America.

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Description[ edit ] The work expresses a revitionism, criticism and demystification of the official liberal and post revolutionary Mexican history version from the pre-Hispanic civilizations, the New Spain, post-independence and post-revolutionary periods, which was culminated by the post-revolutionary governments and authors, which according to Vasconcelos acted in favor of national interests of the United Statesparticularly those who helped to propagate an indigenist propaganda and imported the Anglo-Saxon Black Legend to Mexico which attacked, denied and tried to wipe out all forms of Hispanidad and the Spanish cultural, religious and institutional legacy in Mexico.