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The series finale was scheduled for May 8, ; however, the show was renewed by The CW when the intended final episode received high ratings. This was enough to defeat King Stewart in the talent show.

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His anonymity and privacy go up in the flash of a hundred paparazzi cameras. Belding, played by Dennis Haskins, remained as the school's principal. Griffin Peterson moves on with his life, even marrying another woman Meg.

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The show ended syndication in the United States in July after a long run of weekday back to back episodes it was moved to a graveyard slot of 4 am- then removed totally from TNT's lineup. At sea, Griffin Peterson meets fellow exiles Joe exiled for pleasuring himself in front of a carvingQuagmire exiled for having sex with an underage girland Seamus.

It was the fourth incarnation of the franchise.

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Unlike the original series, which featured very few major cast changes throughout its run, The New Class regularly changed its core cast with Mr. Dan Foliart composed the theme song "7th Heaven", which is performed by Steve Plunkett in the introduction of each episode.

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Male Star - When everyman Patrick Owen is bitten by the easily-excited puppy of movie star Alexandra Young, he becomes an overnight sensation. However, low ratings led NBC to cancel the series before its first season was completed.