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At RDDUSA our large inventory of civilian and military gas masks also consist of the Canadian gas maskwhich is very comfortable and offers a wide field of view, while also allowing you the option to attach the filter canister either to the right or to the left side of the face piece.

Looking for something specific? Over the past few decades, a wide variety of respiratory headgear have emerged from different parts of the world, but here, at RDDUSA customers are guaranteed satisfaction.

Our large selection of gas masks are intended to form a sealed cover over the nose, mouth, eyes and other vulnerable areas of the face, which prevents noxious substances from coming into contact with the wearer. RDDUSA has the highest quality of gas masks that provides the wearer with superior protection from inhaling toxic gases or airborne pollutants.

The basis of the bag is a large compartment for storing a gas mask with attached one filter which is closed by the valve that completely prevents the middle of the bag of dirt, dust, moisture or other substances.


So the bag can be attached to the hip with two vertical slings preventing the bag from twisting around the leg and two or one depending on the height of the person slings around the hip with a width of 45mm.

The design of the bag makes it possible to attach it to the employee in various ways, depending on the anatomical features of the person. On the right side there are two pouches for storing gas cylinders or other small equipment. These civilian and military respiratory coverings are suitable for adults, children, and infants.

We carry a variety of respirators and protective hoods for all ages, this includes our adult gas masksprotective headwear for children, as well infant gas mask hoods and much more!

The Nbc protective headgear is also suitable for the elderly consumer or customers with respiratory conditions. Our extensive selection of military and civilian protective headgear serve as a huge advantage for the customer who wants comfort ability and protection.

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Also provided is a latch stick from an uncontrollable loss. Another option for mounting a bag with a width of up to 60mm for additional fixation in this case, you can use one hip on the hip if necessary. Some of the Nbc protective headwear comes equipped with a protective hooda blower, and a drinking system for safe, effortless fluid intake in any contaminated environment.

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