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Can you hook up tv to computer monitor, how to hook up cable tv to computer monitor

Some monitors include a built-in TV tuner. These devices are capable of switching the signal in order to hook up DVD players, video games, and other devices to the computer monitor, but they come with a price.

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You are ready to spend some money you can purchase a KVM switch which allows to connect two and more computers to one monitor before you purchase it read carefully which kind of ports it supports, many of them don't support usb ports.

The video is not as crisp and clear as it would be if it were coming directly from the computer. Electric shock can damage the sensitive components of both the TV set and the computer. Basically, this will allow you to hook up a mouse, keyboard and monitor to two different machines.

Could I hook a Wii U up to my computer monitor/speakers?

Make sure that you do not do this beforehand, since connecting electrical devices while these are connected to the power source can cause electric shock. Our helpful guide explains how to do so with or without wires.

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Generally, the computer will apply the same resolution that it applies on the primary monitor. How do you hook up a laptop to another computer's monitor?

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The best quality will obviously come from a direct digital connection. Remember, you do not have to worry about size because a TV screen is usually quite big and will give you all the room that you need.

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High definition is recommended. How do you hook up jumper cables from one care to another?

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It would be cheaper to buy a new TV. Attach the other jumper cable from the positive post on one battery to the positive post on the other battery. Yes, but not without purchasing some expensive equipment to convert the signal.

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The problem with S-video cables is that these are not standard ports in most computers and laptops.