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On the South, the boundary with Subic was undetermined for sometime not until the representative of both town and the Inspector of the streets and bridges met at CUESTA GRANDE on August 3, and had an agreement to build structures and monuments within the boundaries of the two towns in the presence of the Governor of the province.

When Don Hipolito Fortacio was an Alcalde of the province, he made an attempt to build a road to make it suitable for vehicles for until that time only horses and carabaos could use it and only during the dry season. PUBLIC WORKS The construction of the road betweens Castillejos and Subic, which was involved on the boundary line of these town had been and old projects, thought and planned out even beforefor the administration of the provinces found it difficult to visit Subic owing to the mountain that had to be crossed and that during the rainy season Subic was all but isolated from the rest of Zambales.

Dominguez Mayor — July 1, — present. Combined in his favor, he won over his rivals. Despite these resources, Zambales did generate substantial tributes for the Spanish government and lagged behind other provinces in agricultural and industrial development.

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Billman Mayor April 1, — June 30, Magsaysay by appointment — Canuto Fontillas Modestio Gallardo was also a Gobernadorcillo but the year of his incumbency cannot be determined. Nine years after, San Marcelino was organized as a barrio when its residents filed a petition through Teniente Primero Antonio Ladrido Juliano for the elevation of its status to a pueblo.

Any way the Alcalde said, they would not benefit from the good road, which until will enable them to export their product to and from Subic even during rainy season.

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The town protest of Castillejos, dated January 12, was signed by some of its prominent citizens headed by its Presidente, Estanislao Bernardo.

This increase the territory of San Narciso reduced considerably the area of Castillejos.

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Manuel Felarca Officer in Charge The soldiers who were significantly engaged in the battle subsequently attacked the moros and wrestled the lost territory. The administration of the province found it difficult to visit Subic owing to the mountain that had to be crossed and during the rainy season, Subic was all but isolated from the rest of Zambales.

The people in the towns of Castillejos, Candelaria, Bolinao and iba were among those who strongly condemned the U.

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Rodriguez, that several individuals left the barrio and some of them reported found in Alusiis Now San Narciso. The case was brought to court to First Instance, but the respondents, defended by the now Justice Guillermo F.

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