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I am an expert, therefore it cannot be true, so what has been provided can't be evidence of it.

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Unfortunately it cannot be confirmed as to whether or not the megalodon was a warm-blooded animal as homeothermy is not a common characteristic of most sharks. Relative dating is used to determine a fossils approximate age by comparing it to similar rocks and fossils of known ages.

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In recent times, anglers have reported possible Megalodon encounters in the Sea of Cortez and other areas where the ocean is deep and hard to explore. Evidence suggests that these sharks may have inhibited both coastal and offshore waters and may have migrated further from the coast as they grew older in order to maintain their diet.

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Other etchings show tribesmen riding tame sauropods. Experts believe that the Megalodon had the very same biting style as our modern version; the great white shark.

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The preferred food for C. This enamel coating has helped preserve the sharks teeth which would have otherwise decayed along with most of its other remains.

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If strong evidence, evidence beyond reasonable doubt, was ever discovered about a living population of C megalodon, scientists would gladly revise their previous conclusions. Without an accurate understanding of this trying to reconstruct the mouth and jaw of the megalodon is quite a difficult task.

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This is where it gets creepy though… Bloop was detected by sensors up to kilometres apart, meaning the sound was far louder than any whale noise.