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Cavalleria medievale yahoo dating. Franco cardini - alle radici della cavalleria medievale / avaxhome

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They learned, for instance, the art of archery without getting off a horse. They have just one naked sword which has been driven into the ground, which they worship as the symbol of their God of War, the lord of lands, their camps. Another Scythian custom — a bowl from the skull of a killed horse — got transferred directly to Germans.

In their movement Alans wiped off other tribes, among which were …. Originating from Iranian roots Scythians exerted strong influence on Thracians who took over from them Scythians - R.

Pay attention to the fact that how much this God - steel rider — resembles katafractariy. However, we will pay tribute to the rich and proud Scythian civilization, the country of brave equestrian warriors, great jewelers and shamans — the escorts to the realm of the dead.

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Having become related to Cimmerians the Scythians soon forced them out from the habitation region. As for the history of material culture, it must be clear — we owe our art of horse riding to Scythians.

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Herodotus mentioned a similar case with Scythians who sacrificed their horses and herds to an old iron sword symbolizing, may be God of War — Ares. Can be found at www.

Franco Cardini - Alle radici della cavalleria medievale

So Scythians at a definite stage turned out to be the engine of progress in the troubled Pontus and Trans-Caucasian world.

Thracians inherited partly religious rites from Scythians as well: Up to present huge burial mounds of Scythian chiefs testify to their wealth, the significant part of which constituted skilfully processed metal items. Elements of shamanism, mystery, chronic cults intrinsic to ancient German culture and grouped into mythic-cultural complex of God Botan, as we can see, have not only runic source, but Pontian-German, OR Alan-Gothian, as other historians prefer to say, origin.

They are also nomads of Iranian origin also speaking in the Iranian dialect, relatives of Cimmerians and Scythians, partially mixed with meothian tribes, which is testified by matriarchy power of womenthough being problematic. Goths absorbed the skill of battling on horseback.