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And who is Jeremy Filliben? The Exam Right now, all we know is something very serious happened in order to make Cisco pull the plug at such short notice. Plus, you can find some useful things in the new ARCH2 training course.

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They later attend at no additional charge my online review sessions to refresh their knowledge of the exam and learn of any changes to the CCDE program. This is the section you should pay most of your attention to. I quickly open it and read: Studying CCDE is searching and reading many documents, books, and any resource as much as possible.

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If you would like more details on how this works, please email me. Home Typically the assessment is designed for Data bank Professionals, Web designers, Software Builders and Coders who make and implement databases over enterprises and be sure a high level of information availability.

You need to know a little about generic concepts such risk analysis, security policy, policy enforcement, role separations, intrusion detection, event correlation etc.

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For those not familiar with the certification, it is a 9 hour computer based exam that consists of 4 different business scenarios, each with its own set of technical challenges. Previous participants have chosen to take my training several months in advance of their practical exam date to decide how prepared they are for the attempt.

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