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Because She feels you are the best!

A further attempt was made to explain, stating that there were to be no actual changes, but that the same painting would simply be completed because there was insufficient time during the marathon, and that the paintings were actually published in an unfinished state. And we can see, now it is unfolding what is happening next.

The first reason is more similar in a more general sense, the position of Radharani, who She is and how She thinks.

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He also wanted to experience what it is in Him which stimulates Radharani to appreciate Him and feel for Him the way She does. Such imposters imitate the characteristics of Srila Haridasa Thakura, and they envy Haridasa Thakura, who was certainly a mahajana.

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Actually it is not a forest as we ordinarily consider a forest, because it is very thick with green vegetation. They were the elders, they were dancing, they were the dancers.

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For the conditioned soul busy in sense gratification, a mahajana is recognized according to the proportion of sense gratification he offers.

So he appeared on that Purnima evening and last night we were driving back from Ekacakra and coming down the main road. The meaning of His name is all attractive and therefore Krishna will attract.

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