The velocity of chemical reactions. Experiments. The velocity of chemical reactions. Experiments.

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Does the reaction get hot or cold after 1 minute? The glass can dissolve, you can confirm with doing the following chemical experiments. After measuring the mass and determining the volume of objects, the student calculates the densities.

Continue stirring until the mixture darkens.

Chemical experiments

In which reaction intensity of liberation of hydrogen is greater? Do you need to dry the test tubes before using them for the reactions in this experiment?

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After 1 - 2 minutes the sugar starts to blacken, swell, loose mass. Using a graduated cylinder, measure out 50 mL of water.

Rusting happens when metal objects receive no protection from the elements. Carbonates, Chromates and Phosphates are insoluble.

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When the glass dissolves in the acid, the sinker will fall to the bottom of the flask. Throw in it heated powder of chrome oxide III using an iron spoon.

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Evaporation of the green solution forms a green powder of the same composition as that of the original salt.