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Consolidating foreign subsidiaries uk gaap update, appendix — country specific issues

The practice was not intended to relieve the auditor of the responsibility to perform all auditing procedures necessary under US GAAS.

The staff also would consider the auditors' independence impaired where a country required the service to be performed by the company's auditor. The foreign associated firm would be subject to scrutiny as part of the peer review process for the SECPS member firm.

The Commission staff also has implemented procedures to review foreign issuers' initial disclosure documents in draft form, if requested by the issuer.

A foreign registrant preparing segment information to comply with the disclosure requirements of US GAAP should present the information using whatever basis of accounting is used for internal management reporting, even if that information is on a home-country GAAP basis.

The deviations might have continuing effects on reported results of future periods, and might be applicable to similar transactions occurring in future periods.

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Form F does not have a requirement for a preferability letter. Generally, the accounting treatments adopted in lieu of the prescribed treatment have been highly unusual. Pro formas on a pooling basis may be necessary to reflect acceptance of 90 percent or greater, with alternative pro formas on a purchase basis to reflect lower acceptance.

The staff would not expect to be in a position to declare effective registration statements that include audit reports where the auditors also have issued this type of report.

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Staff Processing and Review of Filings A. The staff may inquire about such a matter to ensure that it is adequately explained to US investors, but would not object to this type of override.

Appendix — Country Specific Issues

The staff's procedure is not intended to specify or alter the nature or scope of a firm's policies or procedures, nor to specify or alter how a firm selects its filing reviewers.

The first exception relates to existing registrants that changed auditors in prior periods. In some of these situations, the registrant may have applied only certain IAS or omitted certain information without explaining why the information was excluded.

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Financial Statement Requirements after a Reverse Acquisition A number of foreign companies have obtained a listing in the US by merging into a nonoperating US public shell company whose securities are already registered with the Commission.

The IOSCO resolution is non-binding and implementation is subject to rule-making processes by the individual national members.

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While not yet public in the US, the companies' shares have long been publicly traded on various major stock exchanges outside the US. A of Form F at the start of a delayed offering or throughout a continuous offering under Rule Because the form, content and periods of financial information required in an SEC filing may vary depending on the security or transaction being registered, the request should also describe the company's capital structure and listing or offering plans.