What are topics to talk about with your crush What are topics to talk about with your crush

Cool topics to talk about with your crush is dating, things to talk about with your crush & how to talk to your crush

Maybe you have mutual friends or maybe his friends are the complete opposite of yours. You can talk about your favorite television show or bring up your favorite comedian.

Or what;s your favorite subject etc.

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The parts of your past you should talk about are things that made you feel a certain emotion or maybe just a funny story that you think your crush would enjoy. You could even ask questions to get to know them better. Though these questions are straight to the point, but they tell you everything to need to know.

Not all, but most. Common Interests If the two of you have something you both enjoy, then talking about this particular topic should be a breeze- and it should be fun, too! See if you two have any common interests. Just make sure not to make the conversation too boring. What are you even supposed to talk about?

Top 10 Interesting Topics You Can Talk with Your Crush! Go!

He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness. Sports, Movies, Weather, and maybe some stories of your childhood, but keep the stories happy, interesting, and short, and avoid stories that are long, boring, and depressing. If you too are going to such a crisis of words and topics so you need to read this further.

Talk about things your both interested in. It depends on what he likes. This causes a pile up of unsaid feelings and emotions.