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Cross dating refers to the type, use cross-reference formats

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What you normally see in a document is the result of a field. They are set in the build configuration file. Similarly, if you update a graphic that's stored elsewhere but referenced in the field, the update will get picked up automatically without you having to re-insert the graphic.

Fields can be formatted.

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Cross-references that link to such destination areas are unresolved. This includes adding switches to control the appearance of the field for examples, see my article on TOC switches.

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You then select Bookmark as the reference type. For example, if you're writing a document over a period of days, the date will change each day when you open and save the document.

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When you select a specific reference type, the box below will be populated with a list of the available choices. It is not practical to code such informative synonyms automatically, we have to write them explicitly.

With a star cross-reference, one interruption point is defined as the starting point.

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You can link to a specific section by saying: You are notified if any cross-references remain unresolved.