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He relishes the opportunity that Crosshatch provides to create uniquely crafted, deeply considered work for valued clients. We supply complete cross hatch kits, spare adhesive tapes and accessories. Cross hatch adhesion test also known as cross hatch adhesion tester.

Complete procedure of cross hatch cutter kit is very simple. According to ISO Standard. Specialising in residential and commercial projects sees them offer solution-focused outcomes that are hard-working, well considered and inventive.

Complete cross hatch adhesion test kit is supplied in a cardboard box packaging.


Cross hatch adhesion test or cross hatch cutter kit will allow an assessment to be made of the adhesion resistance of coatings to separation from substrates when a right-angled lattice pattern is cut into the coating and penetrates through to the substrate.

Jaime has a passion for thoroughly considered design. Cross hatch test or crosshatch tester conforms to BS For further details of cross hatch cutter kit, purchase, resell, please contact caltech india. Diaz-Berrio and Allan are quickly being recognised for an elegant design vernacular that has both minimalist and modernist principles at its core.

Jaime worked with Serrano Architects in Mexico from and later joined two partners in a small practice designing a wide range of projects including residential, commercial and light industrial. After graduating, he worked in London for a number of years before moving to Australia.