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But recently I heard that rumors again. I know most of her fanboys but I don't think Sehun is on the list.

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I'll help you work things out. Just learn to respect!

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Actually it's because i heard some rumors last year and I can't help but to share my thought. Sehun said that he really likes noonas, so I think he's okay with Hyuna being 2 years older than him.

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So, what do you think about this pairing? Maybe he just a cute fanboy. Sehun looked at me from the corner of his eye as I smiled.

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Terlebih lagi setelah Sehun memiliki Instagram, beberapa kali dia menge like dan mengomentari foto Daeun yang akhirnya membuat Daeun menghapus semua foto-fotonya mungkin karena dibase EXO-L, maklum EXO-L memang hobi melindungi idolnya sampai lebay seperti itu.

O on variety shows A girl who can care to his parents and good to him and must be able to do household chores. Give it an Upvote!

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But from my perspective they just seems like a close friend and schoolmate. You all sound like sasaengs and it's really starting to piss me off that there's so much of you people in the Exotic fandom.

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I don't think Hyuna know exo guys personally either.