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He also still harbors feelings for her in his routes epilogue and perhaps the other routes since he hasn't taken on a girlfriend in the other love interests' routes nor the good endings' epilogue of his own - though this could also be for Lily even if she does push him to date while living in Busan.

This is achieved by getting Heart Gauge points by doing certain actions, like painting, around the house. Lily as she appears in the home world. Jisoo's sister is seventeen years old by the time the epilogue that takes place three years after the ending of the game.

It is heavily hinted that Jisoo has been in fights in the past - in how he can take care of himself, how he was rough with Heejung at first, and how he has no fear of anyone.

The Wizard came to him, sensing his deep desire to help Lily, and convinced him into joining the game by promising he could cure Lily's illness.

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For those of you worried about his route due to Jieun being the youngest out of the 5, the shota character, his route is very, very conservative, so theres no worry about feeling like a statutory rapist or cradle robber with his route. Unbeknown to Heejung, she has caught the eye and attention of a certain powerful Wizard… Let the Game begin.

Ultimately, he has an extreme dislike for Jihae in compared to his distaste for Jieun and Jiwooas seen in both Jihae and Jisoo's routes. Soo, depending on the hanja used, could mean "Water" or "Shore". Jisoo is the most selfless with his wish and actions next to Jieun.

Jisoo is very straightforward and has no problems expressing what he wants, like asking to hold hands. So, Jisoo joined to have his wish granted and save his sister's life.