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After a spatial quake alarm goes off, Shido gets to work before a new Spirit, Diva, makes her first appearance. Later he learns that his sister, Kotori, is the commander of the airship Fraxinus. Meanwhile, Miku struggles about Shido's justice whether he actually cares for others than himself.

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These dreams will shade some light on his dreams of the graveyard and Yuri Hyuga. Meanwhile, Kotori learns from a strange man that Shido has manifested a Spirit's power and she might have to kill Shido if the situation worsens; even though Kotori would never want to harm her brother.

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Meanwhile, Kannazuki and his crew aboard the Fraxinus gets attacked by an enemy airship. During their contest, they have Shido apply sunscreen to their backs and become aroused by the process. So she suggested that he should go on a date with each of the 6 girls in a randomly drawn order; 1st date is with Kaguya, 2nd is Miku, 3rd is Yoshino, 4th is Yuzuru, 5th is Kotori, with Tohka being the final one.

Westcott torments Tohka for his ambition to harness her power in despair.

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She then disappears into the shadows, saying that Shido owes her yet another favor. She's proving to be more of a challenge than the other Spirits, when the AST intervenes and tries to take her down. While Shido and Miku argue, he reveals that Kurumi learned how Miku acquire her Spirit power from Phantom like Kotoriand she finally tells that she used to be a splendid singer Tsukino Yoimachi, but one day she rejected a TV producer's career offer due to disgrace then bad rumors spread with no help from her agency and fans, she tried to reconnect with her fans but suffers psychogenic aphonia, resulting in losing her voice; this tension caused Miku to condemn humanity.

The only problem with this theory is that Shido being a Harmonixer cannot be a spirit but may be that is only why he was able to perform the ultimate fusion at first.

Later, Shido plans to seal the Yamai twins' powers without letting one of them win, all in an effort to avoid both the unpredictability of the loser, and what would happen to the loser's personality.

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Mana and Jessica reach the concluded battle. The film concludes with Tohka and the rest requesting more dates with Shido, but he leaves as the girls chase him. Encore short story collection will bundle an unaired episode in a limited edition.

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