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The video is being produced by the site's relatively new video production division, called BuzzFeed Motion Pictures.

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The video shows former President Barack Obama saying things he never saidand it looks surprisingly believable. Having Peele do the voice gets the video more attention, but there are probably voice actors who could speed date roma 2018 an even better job.

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It's a coup whenever any news outlet winds up with an interview with the president because it elevates the outlet and the individual interviewer. Like the Bundy lawsuit, the Bridgewater suit is written in cursive.

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The handwriting of both suits is similar. Last year, at around the same time that the Bundy lawsuit was filed, Rothrock, who is serving a year sentence in Pennsylvania for raping a girl, filed another document on behalf of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater alleging that Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles uses steroids and is HIV-positive.

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But he has also taken questions from Facebook users, YouTube stars and comedians. One section of the suit reads: A search shows that a David Rothrock has filed other handwritten lawsuits bearing similar cursive writing in which other outlandish claims are made against national figures.

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Dan Pfeiffer, an outgoing senior adviser to the president who has spearheaded this press strategy, said the White House has tried to reflect a swiftly changing media environment. The video produced by Buzzfeed does look a little strange, but this technology is still very new.

Whereas past Deepfakes have been used to swap faces often to make fake celebrity pornthe video created by Buzzfeed takes a different approach.

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For BuzzFeed, it's especially significant, given the site's beginnings as an entertaining source of viral videos, photos and listicles.

The video you want to alter has to be split into individual frames, and you need a large number of high-resolution photos of the face you want to insert.

BuzzFeed is using Facebook to amplify the interview, first by having Smith invite users' questions for the president ahead of time and then by posting the Obama video on Facebook afterward.

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Now, Buzzfeed has created a video that shows a more troubling side of this technology. This handwritten Cliven Bundy lawsuit is an amazing look at the meme underground Trump feeds and feeds on https: Rothrock also filed a restraining order that same month against two mob bosses, including John Gotti Jr.