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During the women's marches, she finallyyyyyy broke her silence on Twitter with a pretty sparse shout out to women: Its fantastic for both hypergamy and polygamy at the cost of making the monogamy at the end total shit and doomed to fail.

Gavin Rossdale never wanted to divorce Gwen Stefani. Once more, Reddit holds immense influence with the same impressionable young men set to become boyfriends, husbands, and fathers. Then I predict what will happen. It will be like talking to a chatbot at first, give deep learning 10 more years.

But she has an enormous platform Could she have completely altered the election results? Or does she want to avoid losing power to control betas?


Here are some comments sent to her via her YouTube account. But here we are. The event drew protesters, and the protesters drew MRAs with video cameras. Women basically have it all in Thats just not going to happen.

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Ten days after being uploaded to YouTube, the video of her faceoff against the MRAs has garnered more thanviews, and YouTubers are still leaving threats and insults and crude sexual comments.

No file lockers, torrents or linkjacking: Implicitly that first sentence implies that they are to replace women, and women will pick up on this.

Far from blaming a false system built on manipulation and intimidation, Rodger turned his failures as a PUA on society. And the fact that "women are doing it already with vibrators" is not a good argument as that doesn't matter to them, this is emotional not logical.

This is what happens when MRAs and other misogynists target a woman online.