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A two year old is not a thief. Having a first-degree relative, such as a parent or sibling, with kleptomania, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or an alcohol or other substance use disorder may increase the risk of kleptomania.

Temperament and early environmental influences in kleptomania.


Thus ended my career in petty crime. So, give her your time when she wants it. Thirdly, take someone into confidence who can keep an eye on you, and help you vent via other ways. Did you when you were a kid? It is not that scientists did not describe cases of male and lower class kleptomaniacs in the 19th century, but the evidence made no headway as the media was more interested in socially prominent women thieves who used kleptomania as a defence in court trials.

Rates of co-occurring OCD in samples of kleptomaniacs have ranged from 6. To learn more about Dr. Often, the stolen items have no value to the person with kleptomania, and the person can afford to buy them. You do that by being responsible and honest in your dealings to the best of your abilities.

Early literature suggested that kleptomania particularly affected women of high social and economic status so much so that scientists assumed its aetiology as stemming from the female reproductive system. Kleptomania diagnosis When you decide to seek treatment for symptoms of possible kleptomania, you may have both a physical and psychological evaluation.