Learn to speak and write Samoan Learn to speak and write Samoan

Dating a samoan manaia, language and age phrases

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Water in the hand. Both arecomprised of several islands.

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And im not small! Manaia [mah NAH yah] — I love this name for so many reasons, including the fact that it was given to my boy cousin by my grandmother — he was the last child she named before she died.

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I would probably not use any of their suggestions either for the same reasons. Depends on the context.

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Brave boy or man. And I eat topai the dough cocunut ball soup i spelled it wrong!

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The revered Head of State of Samoa. Pronounced Aww-ahh may aww-ehh. Tofa is a Samoan equivalent of 'Goodbye'.

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There are two different island nations: Where do samoans live?