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Dating age difference formula in excel, how to format dates in excel

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Here is the formula to add the statement to the result: In our first example, we will work out how old everyone was at the family reunion that we all attended on the 30th of November As you may have noticed, the formula created by our Excel age calculator is more complex than the ones we've discussed so far, but it caters for singular and plural of time units such as "day" and "days".

The TEXT function converts numbers to text using a custom format.

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Subtract the two times. Numbers Calculate the difference between two numbers by inputting a formula in a new, blank cell. Basic Excel formula for age in years How do you normally figure out someone's age?

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Excel generally assumes that format indicates a date, but if for some reason your cell format is specified as something else, then it is simple to change your call value into a date using the date format available for the cell.

Please note that at the time of this writing, the day was October 6, ABBlogSpo How to highlight certain ages under or over a specific age In some situations, you may need not only calculate age in Excel, but also highlight cells which contain ages that are under or over a particular age.

Age at today's date or specific date.

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Excel stores dates as numbers so the format you choose to display your date will not affect date calculations that you make based on that date.

How do you know on what date he completes his 50 years of age? The following argument window will open: Type the holiday range name.

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If you are curious to test this age calculator as well as to discover 60 more time-saving add-ins for Excel, you are welcome to download a trial version of our Ultimate Suite.

Calculate age in a certain year This formula comes in handy in situations when the complete date to calculate at is not defined, and you know only the year.

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However, this approach is not perfect either.