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After spitting the dummy in while appearing on his own HBO show, Project Greenlight, Damon put his foot in it again late last year regarding the MeToo movement.

I got the idea at an academic conference where mansplaining was very much in evidence.

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October 25, at 9: Women, including professionals and experts, are routinely seen or treated as less credible than men, she wrote in the title essay, and their insights or even legal testimony are dismissed unless validated by a man. That told me that it was serving a need.

What started out as an essay making light of that-thing-that-many-guys-do, in turn was given a gender-biased name which quickly went viral, arriving a decade later to the oft thrown around term we know today.

A month later, the word appeared in a comment on the social network LiveJournaland its use has grown since. After talking about her latest, on Eadweard Muybridge, the man cut her off to talk about a very important book on the photographer, which had been released that year and how she really ought to read it.

Finally, frustrated, she asked him to stop mansplaining. We know what it is to talk to a person and suddenly realize they believe us stupid because of our gender. The Tumblr blog recounts the travails of female academics and experts who are constantly being subjected to men explaining their own field to them.


Lastly, call it out. And then, as if in a nineteenth-century novel, he went ashen. Good luck with that!

It first gained traction on social networking site LiveJournal, followed by feminist blogs and later entered the mainstream. Having a general category of mansplaining will only make that splash damage worse.

Though I'm not holding my breath.