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Diskus Getting on Apple's good list is no mean feat. You do get a swanky little pouch with it and it only weighs 16g, so it's hardly going to put a strain on your bag or purse. Notably, the previous record holder for the most Indiegogo contributors was the campaign by Matthew Inman The Oatmeal to create a museum for the original pioneer in electricity, Nikola Tesla 33, funders.

Solar Roadways Becomes Most Popular Indiegogo Campaign Ever

Then they said when they get the money back from the bank, I'll be able to resubmit my info!!! Essentially it's the fault of the Series 2's bigger battery but Levitation Works plans to be back on KS soon: March 29, Really not user friendly. Every week we pick out the most promising ideas hoping to get public funding to make their idea a reality.

The weather proof wearable charges in 30 minutes and will stay powered for up to three weeks. Packed with cameras front and back to scan your environment, the Classon is able to detect cars approaching your blind spot and notify the rider by a blinking light on the visor.

So we're talking how much your pooch is eating, drinking, scratching and sleeping, distance walked, even how much your dog is barking.

One creator sent me a PDF file showing that BackerKit had sent and dropped my email 18 times over six months, yet the creator, Indiegogo or BackerKit were aware or did nothing to resolve it.

Please be aware of this company and what they do to their backers. Nico With the Samsung Gearthe LG Cam and Ricoh Theta S already making the ability to shoot degree videos and photo more affordable, the Nico cam is the latest to join the immersive party.

Beoncam Despite cameras and smartwatches generally not mixing well, Beoncam could have found a way to bring peace to the issue. Or when you get into the car then Google Maps launches, when you're in the bathroom it can light up to remind you to take medication.

However, the experience wasn't particularly comfortable, and there's plenty of work to be done with the screen and design. They don't care at all about the customers and even with several people complaining about the scams you can still buy both products on the website.