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Dating glacial moraines in michigan,

Most of the moraines in Michigan are named for nearby localities.

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The image below is of the impressive Port Huron moraine. These landforms represent a stillstand of the ice, having formed as the ice margin remained in one position while internally the ice was bringing sediment forward and continuously depositing it at the margin.

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The first approach is suitable for moraines associated with contemporary glaciers—but more difficult to apply to old moraineswhich are defined by their particular morphology, since their origin is debated.

In alpine glaciers, ground moraines are often found between the two lateral moraines.

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Multiple lateral moraines may develop as the glacier advances and retreats. The debris is typically sub-angular to rounded in shape.

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Note how the moraine "loops" follow the outlines of the major ice lobes that entered the state. All others are referred to as recessional moraines, since they mark a recessional position of the ice margin.

The map below provides the names of some of the larger moraines in SW Lower Michigan.

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Alternatively, end moraines may form as a glacier readvances and "pushes" soft sediment in front of it, creating what is often called a small "push moraine". Lateral moraines are parallel ridges of debris deposited along the sides of a glacier.

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Characteristics[ edit ] Moraines may be composed of debris ranging in size from silt -sized glacial flour to large boulders.