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Bass is there too, to the extent the Heresys can muster and better with KT88 tubes. Time spent with the Dynaco Stereo 70 and PAS 3 preamplifier also made for highly enjoyable encounters.

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They will make your favorite vintage solid-state receiver sound much better than you ever thought it could while your choice low-powered tube amplifier current or vintage will redefine budget audio fun.

Thanks to a 99db sensitivity rating, you can use the Heresys with any amplifier. Additionally, the Heresy is very efficient, allowing you to reach concert level sound with a relatively small amount of power.

Tubelab's redesigned website has just about all the info you'd need and the Tubelab section on diyaudio. Depending on how you're listening to the recording it can sound like there is little bass, but it's there and it's good.

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Audiophiles might not expect a pair of box speakers placed low and close to the wall to offer up any kind of substantial imaging, but the Heresy IIIs defy convention. Just like I did with all of the other speakers reviewed in this budget issue, I started my listening with a stack of 70s receivers.

Playing 99db speakers with a watt-per-channel tube amplifier and its warm distortion characteristics is like having watts per channel on tap for 89db speakers.

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After an hour of Ozzy and Dio classics, I noticed a slight buzz in my ears. Speaking of volume and wpc, dynamics must also be addressed. So, yes, we are making a slight exception.

One watt of power will produce a staggering 96 dB of undistorted high-quality sound.

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One of the secrets to any good loudspeaker at any price is its ability to convey natural reproduction of the critical mid frequencies. Thanks for the compliment on the videos.